what is pep?

                  Specifically for PEP at UCI we aim to educate the population of UCI and hopefully the people connected to this population. As a blossoming organization we have been developing ways for Prison Education Project to be inclusive of everyone whether people who have no knowledge of the prison system, are very knowledgeable, or they experienced the prison system themselves. As a social justice-oriented program our goal is to educate and aid where we can and when our help is wanted. We have been developing ways to improve and expand PEP at UCI beyond the facility visits. After every visit we felt as if we were not doing enough so we have started planning on how to take action beyond facilities. To start off our Vice President, Johana, cultivated a magazine titled Equity Through Enlightenment. The intention of the title is to encapsulate the fact that ignorance in part accounts for the inequality in the world. There are comments such as "I don't see color," "I don't understand but I guess I support, you do you," "if people are in prison, they probably deserve to be there," and those examples do not even begin to encapsulate all the comments people may say out of a place of not knowing better. Equity Through Enlightenment is meant to be a form of media that can be access by anyone willing to leave about injustices in a variety of areas, including but not limited to prison injustices. Prison Education Project aims focus on three major themes this academic year: education, social justice, and politics and law. The purpose behind these themes are to encapsulate the major areas of focus PEP intends to cover and narrow its attention on. Our financial intentions are to provide resources in anyway we can while we are not in the facilities especially during this time of the pandemic when the status of returning to facilities for visitations may not arise for a longer period of time than expected. In anyway we can help is in anyway we will help. As of now PEP at UCI is not a large organization but through our Communications Liaison and Outreach Coordinator we will create an alumni network of people willing to help PEP and those previously involved. We hope to host educational panels and charity events with the same goal of education and helping those in need and in want of our help.  Our organization aims to create collaborative partnerships in order to have a further reach. PEP at UCI hopes that you will join us on this journey as we improve, expand, and learn.